Marketing Thought is a lot more fun than marketing commodities. And selling stuff.

I have had the absolute good fortune of never dragging myself out of bed and being awash in Dread for the job ahead.
Of course I’ve had jobs I wasn’t crazy about, and tasks that made me feel I had taken a few steps back in my career path.
But I’m happy to share that when someone asks me “How are you?” and I answer “I’m always good. Sometimes amazing…occasionally stunning…” (or a version thereof) — that well, I am. I’m always good. It’s mindset over matter, for the most part.  Fantastic luck also.

This blog is all about that then – journey stories on why marketing thought is a lot more fun than, well, the other stuff.
Explore “The Toast” and several categories in Blogs.  If you feel like a collaboration of the insane kind, I VJ also.

If any of this craziness jumps out at you – I hope we connect in one project or another, or amidst comments. Stay happy!

Cheers, K