Umbrella Politics in London

A smallish blog I’m quite fond of, written a few rainy days ago. Aaah I love London

Marketing Thought

Before I moved to London, no one told me that it actually rains about 30% of the year.  I suppose I should’ve known this from all the old films my mom used to watch where a Rain Scene was more often than not a mainstay in a film based in England.
alternate-reality-umbrella-politics-delusions-of-spain“Delusions of Spain” Umbrella

Well this morning when I woke up, it was raining yet again.  It wasn’t quite the downpour where the raindrops sound like small projectiles bashing against your bedroom window, but more like that fine mist which hangs in the air.  This is the rain I like to call ‘Spittle Rain’.  It is the specie of rain which is not a drama if you’re just going 2 minutes to the corner store (more hassle to bring an umbrella than to use one); yet if you’re walking 12 minutes from the Tube station to your office…

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