Digital Campaigns

Yes of course we’ll work for wine.
…or food, or the events and entertainment industry.
In fact if you’re ready to put marketing thought to work today, then we’ll need just 2 days to assess everything you want and need as a business and launch a campaign.

We’ve been immersed in eMarketing since before it was fashionable in 2001…to databases from 450 to 3.5 million – that’s a lot of practice!
Put Marketing Thought to work and we’ll launch a Campaign on Day 3 from activation, and we’ll raise your eMarketing response rate up to 60% within 90 days. Beyond open rates, our recent clients have enjoyed some pretty spectacular eMarketing results and social media engagement within 6 to 12 weeks:

Click here to see recent eMarketing stats.  We can also build a multi-channel marketing strategy that includes Search, Blog site from concept to creative implementation, eMarketing and Social PR.


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